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StackEdit supports a YAML metadata block at the post top to set a few flags. Pandoc does too, and I wonder if their usage conflicts.

Since the last experiment caused WordPress to show the YAML in the body of the post, here’s a new try. This time we are publishing with a custom template:

<%= strippedDocumentMarkdown %>

(include boilerplate text too)

As before, the YAML is setting a collection of variables, some of which are not actually supported by StackEdit which I’d hope would simply be ignored.

title: Yet Another StackEdit Test with YAML
layout: Aside
published: false
tags: [Markdown, HTML, YAML]
category: Experiment

Written with StackEdit.

(include boilerplate text too)

Update on site

The post indeed had tags and title set, and landed as a draft as specified by published. As expected, layout and category were ignored. As a record of my continuing experiment with StackEdit, I will likely set the Format to Aside manually, as well as actually publish the Draft.

The templates in StackEdit are implemented by underscore. Apparently the template engine didn’t like my placing what could have been a template into the post body, as it went missing. I’ve manually replaced it for this post. Due to the other known bugs with Markdown indented code blocks, I’ve also switch to fenced blocks which at least display the “ characters intact.

The ability to drop some boilerplate text onto the post is interesting, and might be useful if the setting sticks in StackEdit to use to always drop a copyright notice, link to our main site, or some other text into each post on its way to WordPress.